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  • 460-643 Global Marketing: Digital Marketing
    Marketing in Digital World
  • The subject is designed to develop in students practical skills for creative and innovative thinking that entrepreneurial leaders can use to identify opportunities, generate value-creating ideas and overcome barriers to successfully bringing new concepts to life. In this subject, students will:
    > Learn a range of creative thinking tools and how to practically apply these to the innovation and entrepreneurial process.
    > Develop an appreciation of the personal and organizational factors that influence organizational creativity and innovation, and how to influence them.
    > Acquire innovation team leadership and facilitation skills that will prepare them to lead teams to achieve breakthrough creativity and problem solving.
    This subject assumes exposure in previous courses to the principles of the innovation process, marketing, leadership and change management; the forces and ground rules that operate in organizations that seek to innovate and the various analytical tools that need to be used in business in general and innovation in particular.

    We will seek to build on these principles by developing specific skills in creative and innovative thinking techniques. We will also focus on the team skills required by entrepreneurs and innovators to develop opportunities and solve problems. There will be a focus on practical application of these skills, both in the classroom when applied to learning activities and during individual and team assignments.