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Faculty of Agro-Industry
859-551 Entrepreneur and Innovation of Nutraceutical and Functional Food
859-101 Co-Curricular Activities I
859-522 Nutrition in Health and Disease
859-512 Nutraceutical and Functional Food in Metabolic Pathway
859-532 Nutraceutical and Functional Food from Anial and Microorganism
859-523 Toxicology in food and nutrition
859-501 Principle of Functional Food Industry and Nutrition
859-532 Nutraceutical and functional food from animal and microorganism
859-531 Phytochemicals from plants for functional food and nutrition
855-442 การออกแบบผลิตภัณฑ์และบรรจุ ภัณฑ์ (1/2552)
854-531 Bioreactor design
850-541, 850-561 Utilization of By-product from Fishery InudustryThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
Processing engineering II
+++000-001 cpi
Food engineering
850-315-Food Quality Evaluation and ControlInformation
857-323-Quality AssuranceInformation