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Faculty of Agro-Industry
Faculty of Agro-Industry
Department of Food Technology
Department of Industrial Biotechnology
Department of Material Product Technology
Department of Agro-Industrial Technology

855-252 Principle of food processing and packaging
850-321-326 Food Chemistry I and Biomaterial Chemistry (Water & Colloid)Information
โครงงานนักศึกษา 2560This course requires an enrolment key
859-511 Food, Nutrition and Health
859-692 Research and Development Concept in Functional Food and Nutrition
855-521 Advanced materials
Food Additives (since 2013)
859-591 Research methodology in functional food and nutritionInformation
850-316 Agro-industry Processing and Engineering
859-513 Technology and commercial of nutraceutical and functional food
859_511 Food, Nutrition, and Health
Proc-Eng in Agro-Industry
Processing Engineering I